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Class pages in this category have class-specific strategies, stat builds, and advice.

Some general advice applicable to multiple classes:

  • Most of the time, Dex will be your most important stat. Most skills rely on Dex for accuracy, and you'll never be able to hit anything if you don't have enough, especially once you reach the second area. As a general guideline, you'll need to be able to hit against 20 armor by the end of the Dungeon, 50 armor by the end of the Hollow Earth, and 75 armor by the end of the PentPlane.
  • With just the Arm gained from levelling, you'll rarely be able to block enemy attacks. If you want to block often, you'll need to offer to Armon, or have a skill that boosts your armor a lot or lowers enemy accuracy a lot. If you don't focus specifically on blocking, and you're using one of the classes that doesn't get damage reduction from Arm (see the Damage Reduction section in Mechanics), then you can safely trade it all away for more Dex.
  • For a lot of classes, the hardest part of the game is the beginning. It will take a while to save up enough gold for the stats and equipment needed to use your skills effectively, and you start fighting powerful enemies like the Kosher Kube as early as level 3. Even on Easy difficulty, it will take some luck to survive the Dungeon.
  • Some classes, however, will have even more trouble once they reach the Hollow Earth. There, enemies become much harder to hit, and have damage reduction that will make weaker attacks almost useless. Classes without a weapon to multiply their damage (like Wizards and other mage classes) will have to get their Pwr very high, sacrificing other stats.
  • If you want to try Nethack difficulty, keep in mind that not all classes are suited for it. Good choices are classes that can block well enough to never get hit, classes that can heal themselves, and classes that just do insanely high damage. Classes that only rely on a single stat (such as Bards using Legend, who use Dex for both damage and accuracy) can also work well, by trading away the useless stats to make the others extremely high. No matter what class you choose, expect to get unlucky and die a few times (or more than a few) before you make it through.
  • For classes that don't need Pwr, offering to Zorom will refill your HP to full as well as increasing max HP. This can be very useful on Nethack, if you need healing.

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