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The Church of Necrogy is a religious organization that worships the god Zorom, and believes in life, law, and logic.

Necrogist Doctor


By offering 25 gold to Zorom at the Church of Necrogy, your Maximum HP increases as your Power decreases. While this makes it harder for you to kill enemies, it also makes it harder for enemies to kill you.

Followers of Necrogy[]

The heads of the Church of Necrogy are known as Necrogist Doctors, due to their connection with life and the belief that they should never let die those that can be saved. However, the Doctors themselves do not fear death. The followers are refered to as "Wraiths", as they are seen to be incomplete.

Necrogy Religion[]

Exerpts from the Defolgy's religious book:

  • Rise 1:1 - In the beginning, the laws were unknown. Zorom commanded that they bring order.
  • Rise 2:4 - He commanded the laws to find logic. There was nothing that could not be explained.
  • Eternal 6:1 - A man who will let die, Is a man who does not understand his world.
  • Vangard 3:3 - And in the Tower of Life, Zorom walked, his world complete.
  • Vangard 5:2 - Inside his shriveled corpse, Zorom made sure his life is eternal.
  • Revive 5:2 - Zorom addressed his spirits, "I made these laws so you could conquer them!"
  • End 9:3 - Zorom will see his puzzle complete, Someone who will climb to his tower.