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Randologist figure

The Church of Randology is a religious organization that follows Randal Smith and has its core beliefs in the spirits of chance being with them.


Unlike most of the churches, offering 25 gold to Randal Smith at the Church of Randology will not increase a specific attribute in exchange for decreasing another specific attribute. Instead, the raised and lowered attributes are completely random. This makes the offers much less useful for a specific strategy, but if your current attributes aren't working and you have no idea what would work, then it might help.

Followers of Randology[]

The heads of the Church of Randology are known as Randologist figures. They are confident in their luck, and are somewhat rude (saying "Fork it over" when you don't have enough money). Sometimes, notes will claim distrust in Randology, due to the priests wearing bowler hats. Followers are known as Ones, which makes his prophecy of "One" challenging him take a different meaning.

Randology Religion[]

Exerpts from the Randology's religious book:

  • Begin 1:1 - In the beginning, there was Randal Smith. Smith was not pleased, so he created the world.
  • Begin 1:2 - Randal Smith commanded the atoms.There was not anything he could not create.
  • Roy 8:2 - Smith addressed his Ones, "among you is the guiding spirits of chance!"
  • Electron 7:2 - A man who does not take chances, Is a man who is worth absolutely nothing.
  • Quantum 3:4 - And on the Throne of Gold, Randal Smith sat, awaiting no man.
  • Sky 3:4 - Randal Smith will see his dynasty fall, One will challenge his infinite might.
  • Sky 10:11 - High above the ruins of man, Smith can see all.