"A mage class!"








Zap, ZAP, Boom

Starting HP:


Starting Stats:

4 Dex, 6 Pwr, 3 Arm

Stat Gains:

2 Dex, 2 Pwr, 1 Arm, 20 HP


Reach the Third Area



  • Deals (Pwr+d12) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Costs 1 mana.


  • Deals (Pwr+d20) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Costs 2 mana.


  • Deals (Pwr*CurrentCharge) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d10).
  • Costs all of your mana.

Strategies and TipsEdit

  • Early levels try upgrading staff asap, it will scale with Boom immensly, allowing 1-2 shots early on.
  • Don't waste charges by using Boom in early levels, too high risk of missing. zap/ZAP do around the same damage (this will change in a short amount of time).
  • If playing on Nethack / unlucky game of medium, make sure to stock pots accordingly. Darkfolk is a glass cannon.
  • After a couple staff upgrades, and around 10+ PWR, switch to Boom, it will easily outdamage all skills.
  • If you're having trouble landing boom, but one shot when it hits, feel free to sacrifice ARM for DEX. Most likely you will be rolling the trash mobs anyways. (possibly bosses)
  • Although upgrading your staff is the primary means of your damage, make sure you keep somewhat of a balance with your rune, if you happen to miss (can happen quite often) you need to get your charges back up asap.
  • Your later game skill rotation should consist of Boom -> Charge -> Boom -> Charge, etc. If your enemy has low hp, just finish off with ZAP/zap (they both have a higher success rate).
  • Remember Dex is the primary stat you need, damage will come naturaly. (With levels and upgrades of course)
  • Under any circumstance is is not okay to upgrade ARM, PWR, or HP via churches. It is a waste of money, and you do not really benefit from it. (especially sacrificing DEX for PWR)
  • If damage is a concern late dungeon 1 and beyond, you're doing it wrong.