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Zap, ZAP, Boom

Starting HP:


Starting Stats:

4 Dex, 6 Pwr, 3 Arm

Stat Gains:

2 Dex, 2 Pwr, 1 Arm, 20 HP


Reach the Third Area



  • Deals (Pwr+d12) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Costs 1 mana.


  • Deals (Pwr+d20) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Costs 2 mana.


  • Deals (Pwr*CurrentCharge) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d10).
  • Costs all of your mana.

Strategies and Tips[]

  • Don't waste charges by using Boom in early levels, as its accuracy isn't worth it and Zap/ZAP do around the same damage. However, this only applies to early in the game.
  • If playing on Nethack / unlucky game of medium, make sure to stock pots accordingly. Darkfolk is a glass cannon.
  • After a couple staff upgrades, and around 10+ PWR, switch to Boom, it will easily outdamage all skills.
  • Boom is the most overpowered ability in the game. Once you get your PWR and mana high enough, Boom can be powerful enough to annihilate any enemy in one shot when it hits, but it may have trouble with accuracy. Since you will be ending all fights in one turn before the enemy can act, you can sacrifice your ARM to boost your DEX as high as possible at a Church of Spediphis.
  • Although upgrading your staff is the primary means of your damage, make sure you keep somewhat of a balance with your rune, so you can recharge your mana in case you miss.
  • Your later game skill rotation should consist of Boom -> Charge -> Boom -> Charge, etc. If your enemy has low hp, just finish off with ZAP/zap (they both have a higher success rate).
  • DEX is your most important stat, as missing with Boom is your greatest weakness. Your natural PWR growth and mana pool upgrades should be more than enough to make Boom one-shot anything.
  • Upgrading ARM, PWR, or HP via churches is a waste of money, and you do not really benefit from it. Sacrificing DEX for PWR is especially not worth it, since poor accuracy from low DEX can be crippling.
  • If damage is a concern late dungeon 1 and beyond, you're doing it wrong.