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Unlike popular belief, Randal Smith is not a god. Infact, he is a human, the first one to exist. He was created from the four gods, each one giving him something. Armon gave him structure, Krillix gave him soul, Zorom gave him life, and Spediphis gave him depth. He is the main antagonist of the game, however it is unknown to the player unless he beats the game for the first time. If one manages to complete the PentPlane Hymn, it will be revealed to the player that Randal Smith turned against his creators after becoming corrupted by power.

He is seen sitting at his Throne of Gold, and according to his church, awaiting no man. A great lie contained within his religion is the statement that he created everything, including the four gods, which is ironic, as the four gods created him.

Randal will try to convince the player to rule with him together, which will, however, lead the player to DEATH, as Randal will betray the player, resulting in a "Very Bad" ending. In case the player defeats Randal, but kills the other gods, he wins an "Average" ending. In case the player kills Randal without killing any other god, the player shall win a "Great?" ending, which lead various players to think if there is still an even better ending. This is, however, unknown. In case you lose to Randal, you will win a "Bad" ending.

His monks are seen wearing a bowler hat, in a purple color, aswell as a purple T-shirt and a cane of some sort. One of the notes you can find at the dungeon asks what sort of monk wears a purple bowler hat.