When your Health Points (or HP) reach 0, you get a YASD Tombstone. From there, you can either use your Second Wind or the ‘Game Over’ button, to submit your Score or to return to the Menu.

Here is a list of most of the messages you can get on the tombstones and how to get them. Many are missing and everyone is free to complete the list.

Message How to get?
You were killed by a Blandomorph, how unexciting. Lose against the Blandomorph.
Life’s a tragedy, an Avant Garde Ball of Clay killed you! Lose against the Avant Garde Clay.
That little thing killed you? Lose against the Gridbug.
You became a Rooky Orc’s first kill! Lose against the Rooky Orc.
Kinda’ ironic that a skeleton killed you. Lose against the Skeleton Soldier.
Woops, it wasn’t so harmless, my bad. Lose against the Harmless Lichen.
You were multiplied by yourself by a Kosher Kube! Lose against the Kosher Kube.
How did you fall for that? That was an Obvious Mimic! Lose against the Obvious Mimic.
You join the Acolyte for a few drinks, it’s holy, man. Lose against the Drunken Acolyte.
GODAMMIT THAT WAS THE CHEAPEST DEATH EVER! ARGH! Lose against the Goddamn Friggin’ Bat.
You were killed by a Red Shroom... How!?! Lose against the Red Shroom.
Taken out by an Elite Orc, tango down! Lose against the Elite Orc.
Frozen in feary by a Frightening Ghost, boo. Lose against the Frightening Ghost.
You were poisoned by an unlabeled potion! Drink a Poisonous Potion with low HP.
Your flute playing skills were terrible! The newts mauled you. Fail the Flute with low HP.
You joined the legions of the Dungeon Wanderer. Lose against the Dungeon Wanderer.
Maimed and hug by an angry Dungeon Mob! Lose against the Angry Dungeon Mob.
DM says you’re gonna die, well, you die. Lose against the Dungeon Master.
You fell while climbing the highest mountain. Fail the Highest Mountain with low HP.
You drowned while skipping the widest river. Fail the Widest River with low HP.
It was horrible... That Monster... Lose against the Monster.
You were shamelessy beaten by a Shameless Plug! Lose against the Shameless Plug.
While fighting a Boar, you died of boredome. Lose against the Boar.
You were violated by the Scout Drone! Lose against the Scout Drone.
A Mokujin kills you, it was a failure of your own! Lose against the Mokujin.
You caught fire with the Eternal Flame! Lose against the Eternal Flame.
You caught fire with the Infinite Flame! Lose against the Infinite Flame.
You were personally offended by a nativist fauna! Lose against the Nativist Fauna.
That ribbon sure adds some power to that Boar. Lose against the Ribbon Boar.
That Something Endangered just endangered you! Lose against the Something Endangered.
The Troubled Fairy was nothing but trouble! Lose against the Troubled Fairy.
You were obliterated by the Advanced Drone! Lose against the Advanced Drone.
You were taught a lesson by the Ent Ancient! Lose against the Ent Ancient.
The Hard Rock just rocked you! Lose against the Hard Rock.
You were no match for the Scarlet Fencer! Lose against the Scarlet Fencer.
You were no match for the Crystal Fencer! Lose against the Crystal Fencer.
You were no match for the Ancient Fencer! Lose against the Ancient Fencer.
The Fallen Knight has ended you! Lose against the Fallen Knight.
The Piper has ended you! Lose against the Piper.
The Roamer has ended you! Lose against the Roamer.
The Conjurer has ended you! Lose against the Conjurer.
The Wraith has ended you! Lose against the Wraith.
Killed by a Rodney, do you want your possessions identified? Lose against the Rodney.
You lost all your work! Lose against the Error Message.
You were more abysmal then an Abysmal Boar. Lose against the Abysmal Boar.
You were zapped by the Miscreant! Lose against the Greater Miscreant.
Well that was a wonderful Little Box, wasn't it? Lose against the Little Box of Abominations.
You were taken by the Slenderman. Lose against Slendy.
u were killed by the Zombie Goast Lose against the zombie goast.
You just ran out of time... Hello Mr Moon, what a wonderful Lose against the Moon.
You were taken out by the Future Agent. Lose against the Future Agent.
You felt the wrath of the Chrono Wraith! Lose against the Chrono Wraith.
Mr. Robato's circumstances are out of your control! Lose against Mr. Robato.
You were dreamt away by a celestial squid. Lose against the Celestial Squid.
A Devil for every good soul lost. Lose against the Devil.
CONSTRUCT TARGET DEMOLISHED! Lose against one of the Constructs.
You've been defeated by the Arena Fighter!! Lose against the Arena Fighter.
You joined the legions of the Plane Wanderers. Lose against the Plane Wanderer
You had dinner with the Polite Flayer. Lose against the Polite Flayer.
You were arrested by the Wall Guard! Lose against the Wall Guard.
You cannot defeat your maker. Lose against Krillix.
You cannot defy Armon’s order. Lose against Armon.
You cannot stop the tide of Spediphis’s time. Lose against Spediphis.
You cannot understand the ways of Zorom’s logic. Lose against Zorom.


The YASD stands for "Yet another stupid death". This is also a reference to Nethack.